Where We’ve Been

We realize that by simply reading our posts it might be difficult to get a good grasp on where we’ve been and when. And sure, that could be due to our awful writing, but let’s not point fingers – let’s find a solution.

Oh, here’s one:

Where We’ve Been and When
(Wowza, can you click it? Yes, you can; it’s interactive!)


Poole – May 5, 2010 – May 18
Chistina The Plane Lady
Going All The Way in Brockenhurst and Corfe
Himalaya Prepping in Purbeck
Wankers Lost to Time: A Master’s Thesis in Progress
The Poole Film Festival Highlights
Nana George


New Delhi – May 19 – May 25
Fun With Government Flights: Heathrow to Delhi

Shimla – May 25 – May 27
Jindal the Monkey Wisdom Sex Therapist
Fun With Government Buses I: Shimla to Dharamsala
The Dutch Lady

Mcleod Gainj – May 27 – May 28

Gharoh (WWOOF farm) – May 28 – June 7
Welcome to WWOOF India!
Descent into the Five Layers of WWOOF Hell
Uncle Hungry
The Ever-Quotable Sanju the Servant Boy
The Legend of Stealy Dan

Dharamkot – June 8 – June 15
Ball Boiling 101
Rahul Singh
Marcello the Croat
Tinker, Tailor, Pantsless Boy
Davey and the Conifer Crew

Mandi/Rewalsar Lake – June 16 – June 17
Shave and a Haircut: Too Bad

Shimla – June 17 – June 18
Fun With Government Buses II: Shimla to Pahalgam

KASHMIR (technically part of India…):

Pahalgam – June 19 – June 21
Damjan – June 21 – June 23
Kashmiri Weddings: A How-To Guide
Aru – June 23 – 26
Srinagar – June 26 – June 28
Agru – June 28 – July 1
Srinagar – July 2 – July 3
Mushtaq The Tour Guide: A Manual in Parodied Quotes
The Srinagar Spider
The Nebraska Pact


Leh, Ladakh and vicinity – July 4 – July 14
Srinagar to Leh: In Pictures
Truckstop Sheep Slaughter — An Exhibition
4th of July in Ladakh: Day
4th of July in Ladakh: Night
Biting The Bullet: Motorcycling Ladakh (Parts IIIIIIIVV)
Giardia Was The Case That They Gave Me (A Teaser)
A Tale of Two Shitty Days
Worldy White Person Award
Vashisht, Manali – Way too goddamn long
Fun With Government Buses III: Leh to Manali
Coughing Up Blood and About 8 Bucks
That’s Entertainment!…?
What We’re Listening To Right Now!
Well, We Just Learned Something
Steve v. Vashisht Barber
Lahaul and Spiti (Himalayas) – Aug 1 – Aug 7
Losing the Royal Challenge or Bustop Booze Bust
Fun With Government Landslides: Spiti and Kinnaur
Amritsar (Golden Temple and Horse Farm) – Aug 8 – Aug 11
Cloudy With a Chance of Child Abduction
A Gander Inside Amritsar’s Golden Temple
Guidebooking vs. Bullshitting: The Ultimate Showdown

Indian Dog Milkers: Where Are They Now?


Bishkek – Aug 12 – Aug 21
Fun With Government Airlines: Amritsar to Bishkek
Out of India
Sabyrbek and the Monster
Naryn – Aug 21 – 22
Lake Song Kul – Aug 22 – Aug 23
Kyrgyzstan: Gettin’ Our Goatface
Kochkor – Aug 23 – Aug 26
Balykchy – Aug 26 – Aug 27
Zhanna – Sadly Not a Murderer
Bokonbaevo – Aug 27 – Aug 28
-Timur: A Tale of Torches, Traps, Tastes, and Twaddle
Karakol – Aug 29 – Aug 31
Bishkek…. durned embassies
-Through The Liu-king Glass…
-Through The Liu-king Glass, Pt. 2
-When We Almost Lost Everything: A Shaggy Dog Tale
Osh / Jalal-Abad – 5 Sept – 10 Sept
Extreme Town Makeover: Osh and Jalal-Abad Edition
Bishkek one last time hopefully ever – 10 Sept


Almaty – Sept 11 (never forget!) – 15
Going Native: Kazakhstan via Americans I
Zhetisay – Sept 16 – 18
Shauldir – Sept 18 – 20
Zhanatac – Sept 20 – 21
Zhanatac, KZ: Devastation in Pictures!
Taraz – Sept 21 – 22
Going Native: Kazakhstan via Americans II
Pavlodar – Sept 23 – Oct 2
Almaty – Oct 3 – 5
Where There Is No Reason
Childhood In Central Asia: A Primer
The Name Game!


Urumqi – Oct 6 – 8
Fun With Government Trains: The Entirety of China
The Nutkin Family
Xi’an – Oct 10 – 12
Datong and Yungang Grottoes – Oct 13 – 14
Beijing – Oct 15 – 17
The Great LOL of China
Shanghai – Oct 18 – 21
In the Court of the Dog Meat King
Kunming – Oct 22 – 25
Dwarf Empire!
Lijiang – Oct 25 – 26
Lijiang Old Lady Attack
Tiger Leaping Gorge – Oct 27
Tiger Leaping Gorge: Why We’re Great Travelers
Lijiang – Oct 28
Kunming – Oct 29
I Hope You Had The Old Chinese Woman Visor Of Your Life
Hong Kong – Oct 31 – Nov 3


Bangkok (get it?)- Nov 3 – 9
WWJD?: Bangkok Edition
Phuket: Kamala, Karon – Nov 9 -14
Paula & Boom
Ko Phi Phi – Nov 14 – 19
Bangkok (get it?) – Nov 19 – 21


Siem Reap / Angkor Wat – Nov 22 – 26
Say Waaaat?!
Thanksgiving in Cambodia
Phnom Penh – Nov 26 – 28
Sign of the Times: Cambodia
Fun With Private and Public Transport: Thailand and Cambodia 


Chiang Mai – Nov 29 – Dec 1
The Gooch Rash
Motorbiking the Mae Hong Son Loop – Dec 1 – 3
The Longest Day of the Trip
More Chiang Mai – Dec 3 – Way too goddamn long
Ladyboys Loved and Lost

In Summation:
Asian Popular Music: No Gaga Haterz Allowed!
People Who Make Us Insecure

8 Responses to Where We’ve Been

  1. Christine C says:

    this is possibly one of the best ideas ever. wonderous.

  2. rakesh says:

    hey… great dude!!! i was also wondering wht to do after studies!!!! thanks!!!

  3. Rajesh rao says:

    You guys have not travelled even 20% of the vast country that India is and have, may I say, dared to write this as your Indian travails. LOL!! I would like to bring to your notice that though USA is ten times more in size than India, there are umpteen agencies offering a USA tourist package of 15-19 nights.

    However, have you heard of even one travel agency, Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings included offer a single Indian tour? There are North India tours, South India tours, tours to Goa, etc. but NEVER a full India tour.

    Anyways, what you have done is a great thing. And I loved the kuttidoodh article. Keep it up guys.

  4. tommyt says:

    yo, u guyz shud vist gay-town cuz thts were ur from!!!!

  5. Come to Azad Kashmir; Pakistanis/Liberated Kashmiris are known for even warmer hospitality. We place huge emphasis on hygiene and presentation; seems the indians and other occupiers are so busy killing and harassing Kashmiris, they didn’t take the time to zap the spiders and other creatures that are, surprisingly, less helpless than Kashmiris (mostly youth) being zapped every day by the indian occupational forces (AKA the sissies)

    Long live Pakistan Nation
    God bless Kashmir Nation

  6. India Army LuvR4Life says:

    Sucking a horse… Is that some kind of traditional Kashmiri medicine?

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