Hot Lynx!

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Link: Jane’s Daily Blah
Why: Because this writer/photographer and her disenchanted, western, Desolationist friends have the exact right idea about what places to spend their time and money visiting: shitty ones! The collective posts about their envy-inducingly incredible “trips of melancholy and despair for the discerning masochist” to neglected, awful or otherwise awesome corners of Asia and beyond. Also, they like us!

Link: Pierre the Hitch-hiker
Why: Besides being a cool dude, Pierre has set himself the extremely intense task of hitching his way around the world for the next five years. Check him out (might want to learn some French before you do)

Link: Aatish Taseer
Why: Because he’s Steve’s 2nd cousin, he’s a writer, and he knows his India. And he dated a member of the British Royal Family.

Link: Aatish’s Mom’s Writings for The Indian Express
Why: Because she’s Aatish’s mom, and she knows her Kashmir (and rest of India).

Link:The Online Home of Sketchbeat
Why: Because Mike Spencer Chapman’s in it and plays trumpet. And he and his humor helped us get through Kashmir. And he’s great. And he’s a doctor.

Link: Becky/Baggy’s Blog
Why: Because Becky’s the best. She and her humor also helped us get through Kashmir, and when she was a kid she, among other ridiculous things a) went to school through the radio and b) got to gut buffalo that were shot from the back of a jeep.

Link: The Leh Women’s Alliance
Why: Because Lonely Planet says it’s “the one thing every traveler MUST see in Leh”, and we didn’t see it.

Link: The Freedom of Expression Movement
Why: Because this girl works for them. I mean, just look at her. Jeez louise…

Link: Khoon Pasina
Why: It’s the best Bollywoody Kung Fu flick we’ve ever watched on a bus to Chandigarh

Link: Faiz Ahmed Faiz Foundation
Why: He’s somehow Steve’s great-uncle, and dropping his name earned us large amounts of respect points all around Kashmir (when we weren’t losing them by refusing chai and stilted conversations about how bad the Indian Army is with strangers)

Link: Preach Around
Why: It’ll allow you to gain further access into our boundless ability to waste time.

Link: Uncle Bumpy’s Flickr Photostream
Why: If you like our photos on this blog, chances are you’ll like our other, better ones on here.

Link: India
Why: For their appreciation of a semi-nude 17-year-old milk-bathing Devon

Link: Tom Petty
Why: He’s an American, and so are we. And so are you, probably. Or, at least, you know an American in some way. You might even know Tom Petty.

Link: Nimesulide, a relatively COX-2 selective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with analgesic and antipyretic properties, The Wikipedia Page
Why: Contributing to about $2 of Devon’s $8 bronchitis bill, this fine concoction is so effective (at least at eviscerating your liver), it’s banned in Europe.

Link: Ali Murat Yilmaz’ Epic Motorbike Adventure Blog
Why: He’s the first Turk both to ride a motorbike over Earth’s highest drivable passes, and to utter in our presence the string of words “Shit! They throw it! Fuck!” to criticize India’s filthiness. He also started a restaurant in Goa simply because no other prepared the food he wanted to eat. Note: Reading his blog requires a fluency in Turkish.

Link: Facebook
Why: Our friends Max and Mike work there. Also, you can give them real money and have it converted into fake money to use to be a fake mobster.

Link: Logan in India and Beyond
Why: We slept with him for a significant portion of this trip. Before that, he went to the Himalayas, where he watched water buffalos get decapitated and Russian girls sing while hula-hooping high, etc.

Link: Levi Michaels in South America
Why: He’s a fellow Cat Shirter, an adventurer, a proud owner of a Kinetic TFR Moped, and an all-around crazy sunuvabitch; and he’s written a blog on his women- and USA Jacket-filled exploits through South America. If you can get through our drivel, you’re sure to prefer his.

Link: Jack Passion
Why: He’s the reigning World Beard Champion and a helluva guy and you should buy his stuff.

Link: Beard Team USA
Why: We’re Americans. These guys are Americans, mostly. And they grow the best beards and moustaches from California to the New York islands.

Link: The Goose Egg
Why: A semi-decadely newsletter put together by the Boys and their pals. Lots of tomfoolery

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