Out of India

Howdy folks! So we’re still alive. Incidentally, in Kyrgyzstan, whose streets have been mostly cleansed of bullets, blood and brain pulp from their Revolution 4 months back.

Been a busy couple of weeks. We’ll sit down and hammer out some words and photos and other such actual content soon. But in the meantime, here’s a lil’ teaser! Since we last posted, we’ve:

-Government bussed and hitched through the high Himalayan region of Spiti, crossing a couple landslides on foot
-hung out in a wealthy Sikh’s albino horse stud-farm castle
-eaten plates and plates of free food thanks to the Sikhs at the Golden Temple in Amritsar
-patronized several Indian gun shops and shop called FAG FAG FAG FAG (they sell ball bearings) in Amritsar
-red-eyed to Bishkek by way of Tashkent, Uzbekistan
-visited a “History Museum” that was actually a giant shrine to bronze Lenins, featuring a ceiling mural of a skull-faced Reagan riding  a rocket
-and, most importantly, last night… gotten drunk and went out with a local dude, some Frenchies and an Irishman (who later stole away to have a “San Francisco experience” with the local dude’s cousin) eventually blacking out at a trendy Bishkek dance club where we were enough of a coupla shabbily-dressed drunken other-people’s-beer-stealing assholes to clear the dance floor, drink a birthday girl’s champagne, get aggressively denied dances by every single Kyrgyz babe in the joint (even the hookers wouldn’t touch us)…. and then wander into the streets to be harassed and nearly mugged by crooked cops who finally got so sick of our obnoxious annoying beligerent buffoonery that they gave up, tossed our passports back, shouted English profanities and shoved us on our way
-consequently, today woken up just in time to see the sun set

Golden Bullshit



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2 Responses to Out of India

  1. raj says:

    lol 😛

    welcome to india i daresay. i am sure you had lassi. keep posting and i will keep reading.

  2. David L says:

    Is that a daisy-duke-clad Adam Sandler wrestling that Golden Bull?

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