Srinagar to Leh: In Pictures

The verbal meat of this harrowing, cliff-hanging, two-day government bus journey is hanging elsewhere on the site, notably:

But if you came to see pretty pitchers of beautiful landscapes and terrifying roads, then, friend, this is the post for you! Since we’re on a textual streak, though, here are the other semi-crucial missed details from this bus trip:

  • While waiting at the Srinagar bus stand, the bus took off at 5:45 am, with our luggage, and didn’t return for a “five minutes” that took two and a half hours, very nearly forcing us, per the terms stipulated in the Nebraska Pact, to hike to the airport and fly the hell out of Dodge. (Turns out it had been filling up its gas tank and collecting giant bags of mail to deliver along the way for extra cash.)
  • A flock of untouchables took over the back of the bus, including the seats we wanted, claiming it with their pots, pans, cooking implements and children. What they lacked in terms of tickets, they made up for in stubbornness and fight; the conductor somehow lost the argument and they rode on to Kargil.
  • At one point, Steve got out of the bus and walked because he was convinced it would drive off a huge cliff.
  • Every stop we made, our asses exploded.

And now, on with the strangely formatted photo gallery-in’! (BONUS: If you’re a Nevada resident, or simply a Silver State Enthusiast, you’ll love these dry dead empty desertscapes.)


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