Tinker, Tailor, Pantsless Boy

You’re half a world away from home and you have an offensive hole in your crotch, and you lack the drive to subject yourself to a pair of heavily accessoried “Calvin Kliine” jeans. What is a boy to do?!?

Well, there’s always the tailors in Bhagsu – they’ll slap a patch on your perilously protracting peephole for 50 rupees.

But what if you’re still wearing your pants and you can’t get back to your guesthouse in time to change into something else? What is a boy to do?!? Well, they can do it while you wander around the store in your travel undies, harassing the hippies who come in to buy multicolored, marijuana leaf-emblazoned woolen garments designed for Elves.

Hard at work... pff!

Bringing some fashion to the place


About Steve and Devon

Yeah! We're the best!
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