Name: Paras
Encountered In: Green Park, New Delhi

Couchsurfing and Cat Shirts

Paras was our gentle boatman across the Styx that divided our portly, Western-accustomed selves and the emaciated, embittered, bacteria-ridden Indian trekkers we would quickly develop into. We found him on Couchsurfing, and true to his many reviews, he was the consummate host. He and his Anthropology Ph.D obtaining roommate Chandan (whose name we instantly forgot and transformed into variations on Chimchim, Chamding, Chupa-Chup, Chub-Dub, Chowdachops, and Chumbawumba) showed us the local cuisine, advised us on what we should be paying for auto-rickshaws (his response to our fee the previous day – “That’s bullshit”), and graciously allowed us to quaff all of their bottled water as our bodies utterly failed to adjust to the Delhi heat.

Not only that, but it turns out that he worked for Galli Galli Sim Sim, the subcontinental Sesame Street:

He’s currently working on a children’s radio show that aims to educate children in rural areas in such complicated matters as, “Don’t shit in your water supply”, so we wish him the best of luck in that groundbreaking endeavor.


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