What Are You Reading?

We’re two dudes.  We went to college.  Studied History and Cultural Anthropology. During a huge recession.


Lacking the skills or desire to gain the skills likely to improve our chances of finding work or developing social lives, we decided to buy one-way tickets to Asia to, as the great explorers would say, “dick around”.

We took very different paths to arrange ourselves financially and mentally for the trip. Devon found a gig with AmeriCorps/Great Basin Institute working for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering (as well as guzzling beer and singing karaoke with local gold miners) out in far-flung Elko, Nevada. Meanwhile, Steve moved home and resigned his existence to tutoring bratty kids and eating bagels alone in his living room.

Neither of these paths were very direct, and by the time we left we were not only woefully unprepared for the trip, we were fat. Thanks to the gracious advice (“just get out there”) of writer and adventurer John Bowe, we justified our laziness, and knew that we were leaving in the best possible state, and so we did. And here we are.

— Steve Kaye and Devon Blunden. May 4, 2010.

Although it may often or even always come across as otherwise, we are having some very pleasant, exciting, fun and all-around good times on this trip. Thing is, everybody knows that stuff’s no fun to read OR write about!

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